Bek Pedley is a self-described Womble, who’s based in Cullercoats in North Tyneside. She’s the founder of Magic Sea Fox Beach Treasures & Handmade Decor, an online shop which specialises in artwork, gifts, and decorations handcrafted from items found along the North East coast.

Bek took the plunge and moved to the region after working in a stressful role at HMP Nottingham for many years. After moving to her new home by the sea, she realised her dream of selling her own creations.

She says, “It was a big risk at the time, but I’m so glad I did it! I’m loving every moment of my new nautical life.”

Bek goes out to the local beaches and harbours to beachcomb, bottle-dig and mudlark, picking up rubbish and plastic with her handy litter picker at the same time! She then takes her finds home, and lets her creative juices flow – creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art. 

Bek’s creations include nautical accessories such as driftwood pendant necklaces and charms, mosaics created from sea-worn shards of pottery, art prints, and other beachcombed items such as vintage bottles. 

She says, “I get very excited about ‘local history’ beach finds – such as North Shields Co-op milk tokens or a 1940s/50s Borough of Whitley Bay Deckchair Hire ticket disc. 

It’s great when I can share pictures on my shop’s page, and receive responses from people who remember such things from their youth. 

One favourite example is a Will’s Woodbine domino, which brought back happy memories of someone’s father.”

Bek is passionate about sustainability, and says it’s important to her to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible, She networks with her local community to collect unwanted boxes and packaging so that she can reuse them, diverting them from landfill as a result.

She says, “The items I sell in my shop are largely found items, and ones upcycled from beach finds such as washed up beads, driftwood, buttons, and sea glass. 

I like to imagine that the good Karma I receive from litter picking is one of the reasons the sea keeps me supplied with treasures – as if the beach is saying thank you!”


For more information, and to view items for sale, visit Bek’s shop at: