You’re strolling through the supermarket, picking up this week’s essentials. Perhaps you grab some packets of pasta, or lentils, to prepare a hearty evening meal. You add some washing up liquid to your trolley, then some laundry detergent. And, oh – did you need to buy shampoo?

This might sound like your usual shopping trip, with nothing out of the ordinary. But have you ever considered how much of what you’re purchasing will just go in the bin?

All Good in the Hood is a brand new zero waste shop, which is set to open up in Monkseaton this summer. Owner and founder Kerry Roffe decided to leave her career with the Civil Service to pursue her dream of creating a more sustainable world – not just for ourselves, but for future generations, too:

“I wanted our family to be better at being kinder to the planet by making some eco-friendly shopping swaps, but I didn’t know where to start. It was all so confusing – just trying to source a hand wash took me an hour! I wanted to buy from somewhere close to home, where I wasn’t charged a fortune. That’s when I decided to open the shop that I wanted!”

She’s keen for her shop to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all things sustainable, and is planning to stock more than five hundred different products. Organic staples and treats – including locally produced fruit and vegetables and freshly baked bread – will be sold by weight so that you can bring along a container or paper bag and only buy as much as you need.

Kerry says, “This is shopping like it used to be. You can come in and buy just one carrot if that’s all you need, or a full week’s shop! Using a local shop means that you put money back into our local economy too, supporting local jobs and supporting a thriving community.”

There’ll also be liquid refills of eco-friendly household products, such as washing up liquid and cleaning products, as well as shampoo, makeup, and skincare.

And, for her customer’s convenience, Kerry will be offering Click & Collect and a local delivery service.

Kerry hopes that her new business, with its wide range of eco-friendly products, will make a positive difference to the environment – as well as the pockets of those living and working near the coast!

She says, ‘You’re not just helping out the planet – you’ll also be saving yourself money by reusing items you previously would have used once and thrown away. We know we need to act differently to make sure the planet has enough resources for our kids and grandchildren, but it’s hard when you’re busy and used to grabbing conveniently packaged products. But we can help by only buying what we need, when we need it and without all the unnecessary packaging.”

She’s planning to launch the shop, which is at 23 Cauldwell Lane, Monkseaton, on the 31st of July.

Contact All Good in the Hood:
[email protected]


Lauren Wilson – Roundabout Publications Writer